heavy machinery

At Cargo Out Logistics we can offer you a safe and efficient shipping experience, we are experts in the loading and dispatch of heavy industrial and agricultural machinery. Whether it’s a new machine or a used one, we can ship it from any part of the USA to all major ports around the world.

We can offer you a service an exceptional service of loading, storage and dismantling of heavy machinery in the case it is required for an adequate use of the space inside the container or if you prefer not to dismantle the machine we also offer you also the option to ship the machine by RoRo service.

At Cargo Out Logistics we make sure that you choose the best shipping option for transporting your heavy machinery, and we have for you air freight or ocean freight options.


Why Choose us?

We can guarantee competitive prices given that are affiliated with the main shipping companies of the world.
We have all the necessary technical and human equipment to carry out the logistics process.
We advise and accompany you in the whole legal documentation process to carry out a successful shipment of your cargo.

Are you a distributor or seller
of heavy machinery?

Do you export heavy machinery to all parts of the world? We invite you to contact us today, as we have a commercial plan designed just for you, where you can count on discounts and promotions for shipping high volumes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of our service consultants.