International Moving

Cargo Out Logistics understands that international moves can be stressful and difficult, but our team of experts provides all our customers a stress-free, safe, and agile international moving service. Thanks to our large network of agents around the world we are able to offer a full moving service from door to door anywhere in the United States to any part of the world!

At Cargo Out Logistics we work to choose the best option for all our customers and their individual needs, and we guide you every step of the way. Below are the different options we are able to offer all our customers based on their specific needs.


Services Offered

PACKING – Cargo Out Logistics handles your cargo with utmost care. We use durable material to protect your goods throughout the whole move. We make sure that everything is securely packed and protected to avoid any damages. If you have any valuable items such as pianos or antiques, we make sure to properly pack them in crates.

STORAGE – If at any moment you require storage for any of your cargo during your move, we offer safe and secure storage services in our warehouse. You can have peace of mind that your cargo will be safe at all times until you’re ready to move them. We strive to offer reasonable and affordable rates for our storage services.

EXPORT DOCUMENTATION – At Cargo Out Logistics we handle all the export documentation needed for your move to go as smoothly as possible and to avoid any issues with customs at destination.

ON SITE LOADING – Our on site loading service includes the transportation of your prefered container size to your door, where our professional loaders will safely and securely load all your cargo. We then seal the container and transport it back to the port to be exported!


Shipping Options

At Cargo Out Logistics we offer two types of shipping options for your international move.

OCEAN FREIGHT – This option is more recommended for full container load moves. We offer two different sizes 20ft and 40ft containers, depending on your needs. Your goods are carefully packed and loaded. Please keep in mind that the transit time for container is longer than other options. The transit time depends on the ship line schedules and the final destination.

AIR FREIGHT – This option is recommended for those customers who do not have a lot of cargo to ship. We offer affordable rates to major airports around the world. Air shipments are moved in a more fast and efficient way. If you have any rush to get your items moved, we recommend you choose this option.