International RV Shipping

Cargo Out Logistics offers numerous shipping options for the export of your RV or camping trailer. Our team of experts make sure our customers select the best shipment method customized to their individual needs depending on the size of the RV and final destination.

Our most popular shipping option is RoRo service. This option is the most popular mostly because it is the most efficient and most cost effective. The benefit of shipping your RV or camper by RoRo is also that we are able to ship it within most major Ports in the U.S. Our staff handle every step of the way from the transportation to the port, to the documentation and delivery to its final port of destination. This type of cargo in most cases requires special handling and trucks for over the road inland transport, permits, escort services, additional cargo insurance


Additional Options?

We mentioned various options for the shipping of RVs and campers. Besides the RoRo option, we also offer our customers the option to ship their RVs inside a container and also by air freight. Container shipping is a good option if the RV or camper does not exceed the size of the container. If you are not sure of the size of the container please click on the following link

Cargo Out Logistics also offers a third option for the shipping of RVs and campers. This third option is a flat-rack container. This option is more for bigger units but it has the disadvantage that it is not protected from the wind and sea water while in transit to its final destination.


Are you a distributor or seller of RVs and Camping Trailers?

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